About MAP to MOTION Registration

Thank you for your interest in MAP to MOTION. We invite you to register and participate in this program to provide insight into bone and joint health issues, the care you have received, and your treatment response. This program is managed by the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute. MAP to MOTION’s goal is to improve bone and joint care by closing a significant gap in knowledge about the patient journey.

MAP to MOTION is available to people aged 18 or older. MAP to MOTION is not intended as a diagnostic tool nor as a replacement for medical care. Your participation is voluntary and your consent can be withdrawn at any time.

All information collected is strictly confidential and will not affect any care that you receive. Your name will not be attached to the information collected in MAP to MOTION.

To protect your privacy, a number code will be assigned to your records that will protect your identity. Your name will never be used in any reports, analyses, or publications generated by MAP to MOTION. MAP to MOTION will never sell your data to third parties.

All information is stored in a secured database operated by the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute. A Privacy Impact Assessment has been conducted for MAP to MOTION and reviewed by Alberta’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (PIA #H2801). All computer systems and servers used by MAP to MOTION are located in Canada and are subject to the Alberta Health Information Act and/or the Personal Information Protection Act.

For more information, visit maptomotion.org.